Bartholomew Swordfury Hunting in northern Hess

A Little 'Bout Bart.Edit

Gender- Male

Level- 50

EITC Rank- Major

EITC Title- High Assassin

Nationalities- English, German (Hessian),and Italian

Favorite Drink- A mix of hard cider, fine rum and vodka, called a brawlers knock-out

Nick Name- "Shadow-Shot" (ironicly given to me by the spanish after a battle)

Best Friend in Game- Johnny Goldtimbers / Mark Ironskull

Father - Gerhard Von Stantten

Motto- "Nam et ultio dulcis victoria!"

My days in the East Inda Trading Company.Edit

Well to begin I joined The Eitc early on in my years of playing Potco, then I met Sven Daggersteel of the guild British Co. Elites. He taught me to dress properly, fight, and lead but most importantly he made me feel welcome in the Co. After a few weeks I met another important man who would change my life forever, Johnny Goldtimbers. He was my best friend and my commanding officer up to the closing of POTCO.

My Assassin HistoryEdit

Well in the begining of the Post Paradoxin war I was a normal foot solder for the spanish army. I was a good fighter but always looked over come time for promotinal training. I was then in battle against my later allies and friends, the British E.I.T.C. I battled normaly that day in my wooden fort then all of a sudden a bullet hit my first mate. Seconds later I blacked out to wake up, the only survivor ... So i thought, I was in hell itself not the burning fort, The demons parted and there he was, Lucifer, My soul is so evil neither heavin nor hell can hold me so i was lead out the gates of hell with every step losing mortality. The spanish betraid me the loss of the men was said to be of my highering an assassin. I set out to find this marksman, I met the british E.I.T.C they trained me to what I am today. The marksman was none other than Carlos Da Vinci Clementine. Today I belong to a secret legion of assassins started under myself. This guild was later officalized by none other than Johnny Goldtimbers himself it was under the name of "EITC Black Assassin" after this I recieved my family sabre "Iron Judgement" forged in Hellfire and Brimstone engraved on the blade is the family motto..."Nam Et Ultio Dulcis Victoria". I unfortunately cannot give names other than my own given that they will probably be hunted down. Today I am waiting on the return of Potco so that I may continue my work.


Bartholomew Swordfury in Hessian Uniform

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