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Welcome to the East-India Trading Co. Shipping Industry. (EITCSI). This is an industry of the EITC and is the branch of the East India Co. Parliament.


Taken ~ Founder/ President—Controls the entire Shipping Company and makes sure that it stays in check

Taken ~ CEO—Does everything that the president does but mainly does it whenever the President is away on business

Taken ~ Junior CEO—Needed whenever the CEO and the President are away on business and third in command

Taken ~ Head of Trade—Sells and buys ships or ship designs to other countries

Taken ~ Head of Security—Makes sure that this company is safe and nobody messes it up and the Ship Security

Taken ~ Head Ship Designing—Controls the ship designer branch

Taken ~ Head of Funding & Budgets—Keeps fundings & budgets at their best standing. Keeps main supply of gold.

Taken ~ Ship Designer—Designs the ships

Taken ~ Head Operator—Manages operators

Open ~ Port Tariff Operator—Manages ship trade on Port Tariff

Taken ~ Port Royal Operator—Manages ship trade on Port Royal

Open ~ Kingshead Operator - Manages ship trade on Kingshead

Open ~ Sail Designer & Distributor—Designs and distributes sails

Open ~ Head of Weaponry Construction—Head of cannon-building department

Open (5) ~ Laborers—Gather resources for ships

Open ~ Assassins/Guards - Protection for our factories

Taken ~ Port Royal Shipwright - Deals with Businesses of the EITCSI on Port Royal

Taken ~ Padres Del Fuego Shipwright - Deals with Businesses of the EITCSI on Padres Del Fuego

Open ~ Tortuga Shipwright - Deals with Businesses of the EITCSI on Tortuga

Open ~ Raven's Shipwright - Deals with Business of the EITCSI on Raven's Cove

Now Hiring, If you want to join please say so in comments, on my talk page - here


If your a member of the EITCSI then please use this template.

Template:EITCSI Job

Code: {{EITCSI Job}}

Thanks for VisitingEdit

Thank you for visting the EITCSI! Remeber when your on the Antik server you already buying these high class vessels! So remember go out and buy!

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