At approxamately 6:30, P.M. (EST), on September 10, 1744, High-Lord Jeremiah Garland of the EITC and King Carlos Clemente of Spain met. They agreed the continuing war had been going on for far too long, and that peace should be met.


The terms of the treaty are simple: the Paradoxian Realm and the EITC defend each other. That is, to say, if anybody attacks the EITC, the Paradoxian Realm must help fight the attackers, and vice versa. Because of the Paradox's continuing war with INFERNO, this also means the EITC must help destroy INFERNO. In addition tell this, Garland said that if ever Francis Chiphawk (or any other members of the Paradoxian Realm) showed hostility to the EITC, the peace treaty would be broken, and the EITC would team up with INFERNO to take down the Paradox. To clear things up, the EITC is not under the control of the Paradox, and the Paradox is not under the control of the EITC.

It is official, this war is finally over.

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